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The PBM Group is unique in ways they operate their business. Their expertise lies in their ability to service and repair various ship engines and other mechanical issues everywhere in the world. 

For them, it’s crucial to be able to depart fast and on time, with every document needed for multiple border crossings. Also, the Group needed a way to grow and manage their business worldwide in a fast, but organized and efficient way. Implementing Odoo enabled them to branch out and scale safely.

We helped them to plan, prioritize, execute and track their activities through their multiple companies in various countries. They manage their whole business operations through a single, integrated business application with a reliable mobile interface.

Through our project management modules they manage a large list of work orders related to ships and vessels with all key ship and engine data and documents in place. They track, schedule, execute and report their activities to clients in a seamless way, fully compliant with customer needs.. Detailed data about every delivered order and finished repair is kept as a record history which helps them improve their planning and execution.

Production go-live for four companies in four different countries was accomplished in 6 months, and the project was finished in nine months. Roll-out of every additional company was completed in a matter of a week.

Operations management is in the center of every engineering business. We needed to tailor-fit our project management and delivery management modules to the specific company practices and challenges. We improved overall operations efficiency by streamlining the communication and workflows between the administration team (sales, procurement, project management, accounting) and the technical teams (services and repairs).

Main challenge was to standardize each operation workflow for all of the Group companies.

Over time, we developed a close relationship with our customer and their key users, providing continuous additional development and supporting their ambitions and growth.

Flexibility, technical and functional expertise, commitment.

“Two years ago my company started thinking about the digitalisation of our whole work processes. We have been experimenting with a few business applications before we have started to work with Mr. Vađić and Mr. Kliska from Ecodica. In only one year we have finished the implementation and cut off our administration work for more than 40%. 

Ecodica is a serious and reliable company, always available and can solve different types of requests in a short time. Now we are using Odoo in our branch offices in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and have started the implementation of our Chinese branch. We would definitely recommend Ecodica for all engineering and service oriented companies.” 

Sonja Tudor, Business Development Manager

  • Odoo framework
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript

Odoo multi company feature proved as a reliable advantage in the context of the company growth.

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