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Over 10 years of expertise in saving time and money with tailor-made solutions for our clients.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is one of the most popular ERP solutions thanks to its open-source and incredible flexibility. It consists of a wide selection of modules and applications that can fulfill all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, manufacturing project management, etc. It comprises over 30 main applications (functional business verticals) with more than 10 000 third-party apps or plug-ins that are available as Odoo community application modules. Thanks to its modular system, customers can start with basic apps and build a custom system by adding modules they need.

Written in Python, it’s easy and user-oriented software that offers a fully integrated set of apps and takes care of everything from front to back end. As it’s open-source software, it’s highly customizable. That means developers can access the code and modify it so that it fits perfectly to any organization’s requirements. Also, it can be integrated with other systems, such as payment processors or external shipping systems.

It’s fully cloud-based, easy to extend and develop, but also easy to use and implement in your company.

By using Odoo, all of these functions are integrated into one single solution, thereby reducing errors, lowering costs, and increasing productivity.

We in Ecodica base all our solutions on Odoo, the most sought-after ERP software in the world. It is an incredibly comprehensive solution that is highly flexible due to its modular design. The “on-premise” hosting option gives you full control and autonomy of your installation. You can also work in the cloud without the need for your own servers. Moreover, one of its main benefits is that it is open-source and available with no licensing costs. Saving time and money is always the best option – for you, and for us!

Odoo comes in two different versions (Community and Enterprise), and we’re going to present to you the Odoo Community version we use and build upon.

Odoo Community Edition

Simply put, Odoo Community Edition is an open-sourced, no strings attached version of Odoo solution. The fact it’s open-sourced gives more flexibility to business functionalities. Do you need some specific functionalities that aren’t in the basic Odoo Community Edition? No problem, we’ll make one just for you.

It also offers a set of functional and customizable modules, suitable for most business operations – form sales and purchases, accounting, inventory, etc.

At first, it may look like Odoo Community Edition will be a lot of work, because of its open-source and numerous potential modules for you to choose from. But that’s where Ecodica comes in.

We will offer you the solution that’s best for you, your company, and your business model. And if in the course of business evaluation, we discover you have a specific need, we can work together and build a custom module just for your business.

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