5 tips for successful implementation of a complete business solution

Whenever you’re implementing something new into your business, there’s a lingering fear that it won’t go as planned, and that something that looked easy and simple on paper, turns into a long, complicated, and expensive endeavor. 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you have a good partner, whose experts will guide you through the implementation of a complete business solution, tailored to your needs, the whole process can enrich and empower your employees and decision-makers. 

So, what are the key steps to make an implementation successful? 

The main driver for successful business solution implementation is trust. The system integrator and a client must be on the same mission – to implement a solution that works and fits the needs of the organization. Those kinds of projects can be notorious, both in a way that the planned budget is getting out of control, or the team loses tempo over micromanagement. 

Experienced consultants begin their due diligence even throughout the presale’s activities. The initial interview leading to the first demo is the right time to start asking the fundamental questions. To prepare themselves, consultants must do their homework and research the industry they’re pitching to. Market drivers, products and solutions, competitors, existing business practices; and specific characteristics of the lead company. The process of creating a business proposal must be rooted in the quality business requirements specification.

The operational aspects of the business solution implementation include plenty of daily decisions. Those must be managed by both sides. Clearly defined leadership roles on both ends help. There has to be a certain level of professional and personal commitment from both team leads. It’s good to have their mutual understanding and respect.

Also, to be able to successfully complete the projects, the PMs need to establish a reasonable list of the “must-haves” and “nice to haves” in every business segment. In other words, the framework for managing project priorities must be straightforward and simple.

Maybe the most important trait of the business solution star project is agility and fast roll-out. Every time the key users start to interact with the system daily and manage their key responsibilities in a new, streamlined way, a change of perspective occurs. The level and the significance of the change vary and can be hard to anticipate. Therefore, the “time-to-go-live” is an important factor, but it needs to be balanced carefully.

If there is a mutual understanding between the project partners, and the willingness to move forward and to address the key project goals on time and budget, the chances for a successful business solution integration are very high. 

Our customers have given us their trust and confidence in our ability to implement complete business solutions in their company. And we haven’t disappointed them. If you need a reliable partner, someone to guide you and help you implement the right solution for your company, contact us. We’ll give our best to make your business better.