Industry-Specific Solutions

We have planned and implemented industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, design and engineering, technology, and shipbuilding companies for over ten years and offer turnkey solutions that answer your operational questions even before you ask them. Moreover, our solutions come with a big added advantage - a reasonable price. One such solution is our Track and Trace system used by medium to large manufacturing companies to monitor traceability and efficiency in production.

Track and Trace System

Our Track and Trace system is an industry-specific turnkey solution used by medium to large manufacturing companies in the automotive industry to monitor traceability in production so that raw materials can be tracked from original suppliers to the finished product. Additionally, it measures overall efficiency of the supply chain, i.e. procurement, logistics, and manufacturing.

Solutions are customizable to your company’s needs and processes. Some basic functionalities that our turnkey solutions offer are:

Advantages of Our Solutions

Our solutions are fast and easy and eliminate the need to implement an entirely new ERP system. With an Ecodica solution, your company will have the full technology “stack” (open source software, hardware, and zero licenses) at half the cost of running individual licenses for each workstation, plus flexibility, freedom, and peace of mind knowing that Ecodica can redesign and maintain your solution with no vendor lock-in.