Comprehensive Solutions

During the implementation of our digital management solutions, the competencies of your employees will increase through our training process. Business development never stops which is why we are here to support you in the long term.

A well-planned ERP system is the biggest competitive advantage.

A comprehensive ERP management system allows your business to realize its full potential - and even discover hidden potential. Simplified work processes, easier internal communication, elimination of bottlenecks, real-time information at your fingertips, automatic reporting, standardization of workflow… everything you need is available in our structured modules. Let’s briefly introduce them below.

    This module provides a central place to store all the information and documents necessary to shorten the sales cycle so you can be proactively available to customers and acquire new ones. It helps keep partner and contact details up to date, track customer interactions, and manage the creation and revision of offers, price lists adapted to customer groups, pre-sales costs, and all sales documents.

    We understand that procurement is a very important business segment. This module optimizes this segment by offering key functionalities such as flow planning, management of all documents and records with automated quotation requests to suppliers, and monitoring of purchasing agreements. The procurement module directly affects your company’s ability to manage inventory and cash flow needed to finance operations.

    From our perspective, a well-organized inventory is the easiest way to identify a healthy and well- managed company. From running multiple warehouses in different locations to managing critical documents, input cost calculations, logistics route plans, qualitative and quantitative quality control of goods and materials, and tracking serial and LOT numbers including integrating them with barcode and QR code readers, our solutions will help you achieve it.

    The degree to which manufacturing software integrates with your business system and allows analysis of operational flows, related costs, machinery, and employees makes all the difference in a highly competitive environment. This module allows manufacturing processes (both internal and external) to be centrally controlled yet remain simultaneously flexible. It facilitates production planning by detailed process analysis in addition to facilitating qualitative and quantitative quality control analysis, including by- product management (sludge, decay, failure and breakage).

    We like to say (and our clients agree) that an employee in Accounting using this module will never need to manually enter a single document into separate accounting software ever again. This module is pre- formatted to automatically meet specific national accounting regulations. Detailed parameterization of posting schemes saves time and allows accounting staff to do activities that really bring value to the company such as cost controlling, financial planning, and budgeting.

    Good human resource management is essential in order for employees to become the real strength of any company. This module is designed to help you with this. Our Human Resources module enables the management of all employee master data (employee information, files, and data) in compliance with specific national regulations, including all types contracts, job systematization, attendance records, absence records, overtime and time management utilizing an automated system with e-mail notifications for important information and actions.

    When it comes to Project Management, the constant pressure of keeping deadlines requires detailed plans that can be successfully executed. This module facilitates the planning stage by enabling real-time coordination between sales and technical teams. It offers tools for the creation of project structures according to predefined templates, capacity planning, activities at all levels, planning and monitoring of sprint implementation, and real-time communication via automatic notifications related to key documents with clear information about tasks and a detailed review of project profitability and efficiency.

    The ability to generate high-quality, flexible, reliable reports about specific company functions are centralized in this module. Key reporting models provide tools to filter and group data at the point of data entry, pivot data within the business information system with support for data export to Excel, as well as create specific reports for all management levels, ad-hoc reports, and manage dashboards with self- configuration.

    The documentation management support module ensures the storage and association of documents to key types of records in the business information system, online overview of different types of documents (txt, xlsx, docs, ods, odt, pdf, jpg, png ...) as well as automated notifications.